Belizean Food

Come dine at "NATURE'S KITCHEN"

  • Nightly 3 course meal options with full linen service is enjoyed in the "Natures Kitchen" dining room.
  • Cultural meals- Celebrate the local dishes of our Belizean Mayan, Garifuna, Mestizo, Lebanese, and East Indian cultures.  Weekend presentations often include music, food demonstrations, and dancers.
  • The a la carte menu offers steaks, pizzas, fajidas, desserts and other comfort foods.
  • Special dietary restrictions professionally accommodated
  • We have lots of fresh foods from our gardens and the local markets.  We buy organic produce when available.
  • The menu features a variety of "wellness" foods and drinks recommended by our own wellness center.
  • We use GMO free flour, healthy sea salt, healthy oils and organic produce as much as possible.
Imagine yourself after a day of adventure sitting in our enchanting open air dining room surrounded by strings of colored lights, beautifully arranged tropical flowers, sounds of the jungle, and a gentle tropical breeze. The friendly server brings you freshly squeezed juices, fresh breads, and your first of four delicious courses…

One of the many compliments we get (after the great tours) - is our amazing food. All of our packages include three full meals daily. We have a menu plus a daily featured meal.  We will happily accommodate special diets, allergies, vegetarians, and vegans (we can even cater to children’s finicky preferences). We also have a guest refrigerator if you need to store refrigerated items.

Belize Restaurant

What makes our food so good?

  • Whole natural foods.
  • Everything prepared from ‘scratch’ using a special ingredient called “freshness"
  • Locally grown vegetables and herbs primarily from our own organic garden and nearby organic gardens.
  • Dine with 3 delicious courses plus optional desserts and virgin drinks
  • Beautiful dining ambiance
Several nights weekly we feature special cultural celebrations of some of the ethnic foods of Belize based on cultural groups living in Belize.
  • Mestizo- "Fiesta de Maiz" with everything from corn
  • Mayan- Snapper steamed in aromatic "Ubel" leaf.
  • Lebanese-Kebabs, tabbouleh, humus, and lentil soup
  • Garifuna-"Fish Sere" is a traditional fish, vegetable, coconut soup

Sample daily menu

  • Breakfast
    Banana Pancakes; Orange Syrup
    Optional: Plain yogurt in addition to above
    Banana/ Watermelon
    Papaya-Lime Juice
  • Lunch
    Chile Beans with corn bread and olive salad
    Lemon Squares
  • Box lunch (for tours)
    Delicious sandwich on wheat bread
    corn chips; fruit; juice; brownie
  • Dinner
    Fresh bread and juice
    Corn chowder
    Taco salad
    Grilled Dill Snapper (Fish) with home-made Tartar sauce
    Country Fries
    Chocho slices with green pepper and chives
    Grilled tomato
    Banana Cream Pie (or delicious dairy-free ice cream for special diets)
Belize Restaurant



Note: Alcohol is not available for sale at the lodge. You are welcome to buy in advance and store in the guest refrigerator. Please let your driver know and he can often stop to allow you a purchase.  We have a virgin bar where you can get blended virgin drinks, juices, soft drinks, ice and mixers.



  • $10 Breakfast- all inclusive of hot drinks, juice, cereal, main plate, local breads, fruits, yogurt
  • $6 Continental Breakfast- Juice, cereal, fruit, toast with jam, coffee or tea

  • LUNCH:
  • $6-15 Lunch- Ala Carte menu available 
  • $10 Box lunch- all inclusive of icebox with ice, 1 large sandwiches, homemade dessert, fruit, and chips.
  • $25 Dinner (3 courses)- We recommend the featured Special but you have a choice between 4-5 full dinner options (fish, pork, chicken, beef).  Featured cultural meals of Belize are offered most nights (reservation required only for these).   You pay optionally for drink and dessert.
  • $15 one course Dinner provides the main  plate which comes with a starch and vegetable). You can optionally buy beverage, salad, soup, and desert separately.
  • $6-15 An a la carte menu is available for those on a budget or simply hankering for comfort food! This includes T-bone steaks, pork chops, lasagna, ceviche, nachos, fajitas, burgers, smoothies, and more. (no reservation required)
  • Happy Hour is available from 5-6 pm with free snacks and virgin drinks to purchase.  Guest are welcome to add their own liquor to our mixers to create their favorite drinks at very reasonable rates.  This is a great time to meet other guests and hear about their tour adventures.  A concierge is available to book tours as well as a waitress to pre-order your meals.
  • 10% discount on full dinners is available when purchased before arrival by sending an email to  The all inclusive tour packages automatically applies this dinner discount.
Children & Youth-
  • Special children's a la carte menu available. They can get those comfort foods they feel they need...
  • Children under 6 get Free
  • Children 6-11 get a 50% discount on meals
All meals subject to 12.5% tax and 10% gratuity charge

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