Short Wellness Workshops and Classes

  • Nutrition and Assimilation class (1 hour) $10 USD

  • Whole foods vs. empty carbohydrates class (1 hour) $10 USD

  • Safe Oils in food preparation class (1 hour) $10 USD

  • Sprout making class (1 hour) $10 USD

  • Yogurt making class (1 hour) $10 USD

  • Sauerkraut making class (1 hour) $10 USD

  • Kombucha making class (1 hour) $10 USD

  • Fire Tonic making class (1 hour) $10 USD

Available Year round (except August and September 2018)

half & Full Day Wellness Workshops:

  • Introductory workshop on wellness: Includes 4 modules of approximately 45 minutes each.  They include instruction in mind/body/spirit, detoxing, Spiritual health, and destressing.  Cost $100* per person with minimum of 2 persons (3 1/2 hours includes facility and garden tour)
  • Nutrition and Food Preparation workshop: Practicum course on cooking and food preparation for wellness plus a 45 minute class in nutrition aimed at choosing healthier foods and super-foods.   Combined cost $100* per person with minimum of 2 persons includes lunch (3 1/2 hours).
  • Digestion and Probiotics workshop: Practicum course in the preparation of probiotic tonic, Kombucha, yogurt, sourkraut, and detoxifying green drinks plus a 45 minute nutrition class on digestion and probiotics.  Combined cost $100* per person with a minimum of 2 person includes lunch (3 1/2 hours) .
  • Raw Foods for Healing workshop: Practicum course in preparing various raw foods including salads, sprouting, use of dehydration, and sauces. Combined cost $100* per person with a minimum of 2 person includes lunch (3 1/2 hours) .