Maya Mountain Cultural Cooking School Package

Maya Mountain Cultural Cooking School invites you to join us for a culinary adventure. Learn to cook Belizean recipes while enjoying the beauty and adventure of Maya Mountain Lodge.

The cooking experience lasts for 2 days/ 3 nights.

Schedule Includes:

NIGHT 1 - Arrive at Maya Mountain Lodge (includes dinner)

DAY 1 Today is devoted to Mestizo Cooking. We start off with a visit to the market to learn about the ingredients. Later you learn to prepare dishes such as Tameles, Escabeche, Corn Tortillas, Bean Empanades, and Arroz con leche. You will have time to enjoy the nature trails and pool in the afternoon. (includes all meals)

DAY 2 - Today we will learn about Mayan cooking. The main dish will be Mayan Fish. You will have enough time in the afternoon to do a local Mayan Ruin tour (includes all meals)

DEPARTURE DAY - Includes breakfast

Day Training (non-package):

$75 US Plus 12.5% tax - Includes cooking class and 4 course lunch (minimum 2 enrolled) 
$125 US plus 12.5% tax(one person enrolled)

Note: options available for other dates, transfers, extra nights, extra tours and cottages

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Additional activities and custom itineraries are also available
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