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Join us 5-6 p.m. daily for Happy Hour!

Free coffee, herbal teas, and the snack of the day. Meet fellow travelers and share stories.


Mayan Underground Cooking

5 pm Event- Join us to celebrate the Mayan culture, when we unearth the Mayan "Pibil" style underground slow cooked pork and turkey from the firepit.



Chocolate Making

Chocolate making Cacao

8 pm Event - Chocolate Presentation done by AJAW at (USD$15 per person). A hands-on history lesson of the ancient culture of Chocolate which originates from Belize. Learn to hand-make chocolate and experience traditional mayan stone-grinding of cacao to make a delicious 90% dark chocolate. Reservations and payment required.


Wellness presentation

8 pm Event: Presentation on the benefits of a healthy Lifestyle. Join us on a journey to a longer and more vibrant life! Learn about organic foods, and some of the key elements of health.


Pasta from Scratch

5 pm Event- Pasta Making Demonstration. We invite guests to lean how we make our home-made pasta from scratch here at the lodge. Learn how we mill our organic wheat berries fresh, to make a hand prepared healthy organic pasta!


Grill Night

6pm - 7:30 pm Event- Get a chance to meet our Chefs! On grill night the Chefs bring the grill out right into the kitchen area! Try our famous marinated and grilled Portobello mushrooms, Shrimp & Chicken kabobs, or order our classic T-Bone steaks.

Saturday Events

Healthy Food - Yoga - Corn Festival

4:00 pm - 5 pm Event: Healthy food preparation: Start your journey to a longer and more vibrant life on Saturday with our wellness programs!  Each Saturday we rotate through a demonstrations on preparing healthy foods such as yogurt, green-drinks, sprouting foods, sauerkraut and healthy preparation of grains.

5 pm - 6 pm Event: Free Yoga class - Learn to harmonize and stretch the body (and mind!) with this unique form of exercise.

7 pm Event: Fiesta de maize! A celebration and demonstration on how the Mestizo cultural meals are prepared. Learn about Salbutes, Garnachas, Empanadas, Tacos and Bollito de Chaya.


Garifuna Night

7pm Event - Garifuna Drumming & Dancing: A Live drumming presentation for the local Garifuna Drummers. Sunday's special is the Coconut & Fish Garifuna dish 'Sere'. Come learn about the Garifuna culture, hear their music, taste their food, and perhaps even join in some Garifuna dance!

Upcoming Events