Guest Information

We look forward to having you as our guest. Over the years we have found that most of our guests have many of the same questions and concerns, so we have tried to address most of them here. If your question isn't answered please feel free to contact us.

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 Packing list

Information about the country of Belize


Q: Can you cater to special dietary preferences?
A: Yes! 
We pride ourselves in healthy, delicious foods. With advanced notice, can provide any need, vegetarian, raw vegan, gluten-free, and cater to any allergy or special request.

Q: How far are you from San Ignacio?
A: 5 minutes!
 We are a 5 minute cab ride, or 25 minute walk from the popular twin cities Santa Elena & San Ignacio.

Q: Do you have WIFI, and A/C in every room?
A: Yes!

Q: Why stay at a resort?
A: A resort has its reputation at stake for all services it provides including tours, food, transfers, massage, and even advice given at the front desk. It takes responsibility for providing you a reliably good experience including considerations of food and tour safety.

Q: I want to have a "local experience". Will I miss that at a resort?
A: Our focus is to provide the guest with a Belizean experience. Their staff are hand-picked Belizeans who are some of the most talented in the country. Our Belizean staff become your friends and can advise you of their favorite shops, cafes, bars, nightclubs, etc.

Q: Why buy tours through the lodge when I hear guides in town offer trips cheaper?
A: Costs and perks of insurance, licensing, first aid kits, and belonging to trusted local and national associations which have a code of ethics, is where the additiontal cost comes from. Most people are willing to pay a little more to assure that their vacation is reliably good, and that their tour guides are trusted and licensed with skills such as first-aid, and an accurate cultural knowledge base.

Q: I want to eat Belizean Foods. Will I miss that eating at a resort?
A: Not at the Maya Mountain Lodge! We provide more diversity by featuring the various cultural foods from all over Belize. Most restaurants in Belize simply have rice and beans and a couple other local dishes...often quite limiting. The Maya Mountain Lodge even provides a cooking school where you can learn how to cook their local foods!


Q: What do I bring?
 A spirit of adventure and curiosity. See our packing list for a detailed list.

Q: What should I wear on my trip?
 You should come prepared to relax. Belize doesn't cater much to fancy dress and coats and ties are "out". You are welcome to wear shorts to dinner at the lodge although some people choose to dress casual. If you decide go out dancing then stylish clothes are often worn.

Q: Can I use US $?
 Yes US cash is accepted almost everywhere (paper not coins). Travelers check can be used at tourist locations such as resorts and gift shops.

Q: Can I use an ATM in Belize to get cash?
Yes but only in a very limited way. In San Ignacio only at the Belize Bank and for a limited amount. You can however go into any bank and pay $10 to make a withdrawal form your credit card.

Q: Does MML take traveler's checks?
A: Yes

Q: Can I use personal checks?
A: No

Q: What credit cards does MML take?
 MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Q: Do I need a visa to go to Tikal in Guatemala?
 Most of our guests (including USA, Canada,Australia and EU countries) do not need visas. The official list is listed below of those who are exempt.

Visa required by all except the following for stays of up to 1 month: Nationals of EU countries, Australia, Canada, Japan and US, Nationals of Andorra, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Israel, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uruguay, Vatican City and Venezuela for tourist visits of up to 1 month.



Q: How big (and deep) is the pool?
 28' diameter by 3.5 feet deep

Q: Do you have high chairs?
A: Yes

Q: How many beds in a room?
 It varies. Most have a doubles plus a bunk. We have two family cottages: Toucan - has a double plus 2 bunks / Gibnut - double plus a bunk and a single


Q: Are there any wheel chair/ handicapped accessible accommodations?
 Yes we have 2 cottages which are wheel chair accessible. Also the dining room is accessible. Sidewalks allow access to most areas of the gardens as well.

Q: Do you cater to special diets?
A: Absolutely, let us know what your restrictions are and we will take care of the rest


Q: Can I get my email / use the internet while at the lodge?
 Yes, we have  FREE wireless availability in the dining room and in all our accommodations.

Q: Is there a telephone / TV in the room?
 Telephone is available in the office.  We do not have TV's at Maya Mountain except for our Vacation Apartment ( only unit with TV ) – trust us – you won't miss it!