Guest Information

We look forward to having you as our guest. Over the years we have found that most of our guests have many of the same questions and concerns, so we have tried to address most of them here. If your question isn't answered please feel free to contact us.

Also please check out the other information pages:


 Packing list

Information about the country of Belize

Guest Information

  1. What do you do to protect your guests from COVID?
    A. We are a licensed hotel under the Belize Tourist Board. We are a Gold Standard Hotel which means we  have been trained, inspected, and monitored to assure the highest level of protection.  All suppliers and staff will have their temperature taken daily upon entering the property and must wear a mask when interacting with guests and suppliers.  Please use the sanitation stations frequently and when entering the pool and public areas.  A mask needs to be worn only in enclosed public areas and a distance of 6 feet maintained except for people in their own bubble.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Q: How far are you from San Ignacio?
A: 5 minutes!  We are a 5-minute cab ride, or a 20-minute walk from the popular twin cities Santa Elena & San Ignacio. The road is new and excellent.

Q: Do you have A/C in every unit?
Yes. Most of the cottages have the kitchen on the screened porch which is natural air.  Many people do not use a/c in Belize during the winter months.  All of our apartments are designed for natural air.

Q: Why stay at the Maya Mountain Lodge in its Apartments?
A: We have our good reputation always at stake and are motivated to take care of you... our guest.

Q: I want to eat Belizean Foods. Is that easy to achieve and safe?
 Yes, in fact, most food is Belizean as foreign food or themed restaurants are rare in Belize. The exception to this rule is that the Chinese, who live in Belize, have Chinese restaurants throughout Belize.  Both our staff and your fellow travelers are a great source of information on who has the best of each specialty.


Q: What do I bring?
 A spirit of adventure and curiosity. See our packing list for a detailed list.

Q: What should I wear on my trip?
 You should come prepared to relax. Belize doesn't cater much to fancy dress and coats and ties are "out". You are welcome to wear shorts to dinner, although some people choose to dress casually,. If you decide go out dancing then stylish clothes are often worn.

Q: Can I use US $?
 Yes US cash is accepted almost everywhere (paper not coins).

Q: Can I use an ATM in Belize to get cash?
Yes. Most banks in San Ignacio have an ATM kiosk. If you need more than the existing limit you can go into any bank and pay $10 to make a larger withdrawal from your credit card.

Q: Can my credit cards work in Belize?
Yes.  It is advisable to go online before traveling and add Belize to your travel itinerary so that your bank's security protection will not block your use.

Q: Can I use personal checks?

Q: What credit cards does MML take?
 MasterCard and Visa.

Q: Do I need a visa to go to Tikal in Guatemala?
 Most of our guests (including USA, Canada,Australia and EU countries) do not need visas. A list is listed below of those who are exempt. The list is subject to change so ALWAYS look it up.

  1. What utilities are included with your rent?

    1. For daily and weekly rentals we include water, electricity, garbage, and Wi-Fi.
    2. Monthly rental is the exception as the A/C electricity is individually metered and you are charged at normal rates for what you use.  We do this out of respect for those who don't use it during the winter months and/or don't want it included.  Anyone using a dehydrator or similar high amp device can use the same circuit as the a/c.  We will be happy to arrange it.


Q: How big (and deep) is the pool?
 28' diameter by 3.5 feet deep.  There is no lifeguard.  Please help us keep the child-resistant gate latched.

Q: How many beds are in a room?
 It varies. Check this website under "accommodations" for details.


Q: Are there any wheel chair/ handicapped accessible accommodations?
 Yes we have 1 cottage which is wheelchair accessible. Also, the commons room is accessible. Sidewalks allow access to most areas of the gardens as well.


Q: Do you have WIFI?
Yes! We recently got a fiber-optic feed into the office thus assuring us the best reliability.  We distribute WiFi throughout the lodge wirelessly.

Q: Can I get my email / use the internet while at the lodge?
 Yes, we have  FREE wireless availability throughout the lodge.

Q: Is there a telephone?/
 No there is not a telephone in the apartments.  We recommend upgrading to
"roaming" before traveling, purchase a local chip, or a cheap phone at the airport kiosk.

  1. Is there TV in the apartments?
    We do not have TV's at Maya Mountain.  Guest often watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other online content.