Our organic gardens are a model for sustainable living practices. The public is welcome to visit and see the projects, and how simple it can be to grow your own food:

  • Organic gardens
  • Organic raising of chickens for eggs
  • Garden Tours
  • Aquaculture Project (under construction)
  • Permaculture discussion and/or video after dinner on Wednesdays


It is our desire that the Maya Mountain Lodge will be able to facilitate learning by displaying models of sustainability. Visitors have a chance to see examples of regenerative agriculture and sustainable living.

Formal group visits by study groups appeal to all ages. It's important to learn Belizean heritage with herbs and the importance of safe and sustainable agriculture. We have facilitated learning experiences for all levels of learning both Belizean and Abroad:

  • Primary age classes
  • High school classes
  • University classes
  • Non-profit groups
  • Interest groups and associations