Nature's Kitchen Whole foods Restaurant

Respecting everyone and their food choices

International Cuisine


Nature's Kitchen Restaurant serves the foods you are used to.  Enjoy farm fresh whole food ingredients:
  • Cuisines that are Asian, Italian, Latin, Lebanese, Tex-Mex, and more
  • Great steaks and meats that are GMO and antibiotic free
  • Homemade pasta, pesto, and sauces
  • All breads made in-house and are fresh ground from organic wheat berries
  • Fabulous Deserts are made by our cooks

Whole Foods Restaurant

Good health requires the food and drinks to be pure, whole and natural. We strive to fulfill this goal
  • Pesticide free produce
  • Fish from the Reef and Caribbean Sea
  • We make health foods and serve our own yogurt, granola, sauerkraut, sprouts, fruit leathers and more
  • Healthy Himalayan sea salt
  • Healthy oils including coconut and virgin olive oil
  • Whole grain rice and beans from primarily glyphosate free sources
  • Homemade breads from freshly ground organic flour
  • Fruit smoothies and Green drinks
  • Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and other special diets provided for

Local Belizean Foods


We focus on you experiencing local cuisine by featuring it on the menu and conducting food demonstrations:
  • Saturday we honor the Mestizo Culture with a corn festival
  • Sunday features the Garifuna Culture by serving Hudut with Sere plus a cultural presentation with drums and a dance demonstration*
  • Monday we serve Taco with Pibil (slow cook in firepit) turkey and pork
  • Tuesday is for Ubel Fish that is steamed inside herbs from the jungle
  • Local foods on the daily menu
  • Belizean cultural cooking classes are available

Special Diets


Nature's Kitchen Whole Food Restaurant specializes in serving people who have chosen special diets:
  • Vegetarians enjoy a wide variety of meals prepared from whole Foods
  • Vegans can enjoy such local treats as Calilu and Chaya greens, a wide variety of salads, humus served on organic bread and more.
  • Living Foods and Raw diets are provide with home grown sprouts, nut spreads and pestos, spirolized zucchini spaghetti and portobello mushrooms
  • Gluten Free* bread is made by us.  It supplemented with pure corn tortillas, and casava bread
  • Religion inspired diets are respected with integrity
  • Yes you can travel with special diets!

Special Diets at Nature's Kitchen Restaurant

-We honor people's food and diet choices-

Our Chefs are trained in Raw Foods, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and other Special  Diets



Gluten Free Diet


Nature's Kitchen Restaurant strives to provide safe food for people who have challenges with gluten. 
  • Alternate breads are made and acquired by us
  • Careful discussion by our trained senior staff identifies the level of caution necessary
  • Staff is trained to use care not to cross contaminate the gluten free products or to allow gluten to be introduced to the customer's food

Vegetarian Diet


Vegetarian diets both raw and cooked are able to be enjoyed while staying at the Maya Mountain Lodge:
  • Delicious salads from pesticide-free produce comes, in part, from our own gardens
  • Delicious in-house sauces and dressings are healthy, delicious, and intersting
  • Eggs are, in part, from our own organically raised chickens
  • Local and imported cheeses allow an international cuisine to be achieve
  • protein sources include seeds, nuts, a variety of beans and bean products

Vegan Diet


A Plant based diet is considered one of the fastest growing diets. We support this diet by:
  • Our organic gardens supply our kitchen
  • Sprouting in our own kitchen assures quality
  • We acquire and store pesticide-free grains such as rice and beans
  • We mill our own wheat berries thus assuring nutritious breads
  • We purchase mushrooms, nuts, and other items we don't grow
  • We make our own probiotics such as fire tonic, Kombucha, and sauerkraut

Raw Food Diet


Raw diets are sometimes chosen by people who are using food as medicine during a recuperation or convalescent program.
  • Raw Cuisine is supported by arrangement
  • Sprouts, sauerkraut, nut butters, nut sauces, and various beans and seed provide the protean
  • Our own organic garden provides provides for our kitchen
  • Raw food cuisine is used by the owners of the lodge and taught at the Wellness Center

Nature's Kitchen Restaurant

Taste Local Belizean & International Cuisine

At Nature's Kitchen, we allow you to explore the world's foods, Belize, or abroad!

Belize's Local Dishes


We feature Belize's most famous Local cuisine:
  • The maya culture's underground slow cooked pibil pork and turkey
  • Maya style Ubel-leaf wrapped fish
  • Garifuna conch and shrimp fritters
  • Garifuna's famous Fish seré coconut soup
  • Mestizo cultural foods - Salbutes, Bollitos de chaya, Panades, Atole do MaÍz

International Cuisine


Taste food from around the world:
  • Middle eastern style Tabbouleh, Hummus, Pitabread & Kebabs
  • Fish from the Reef and Caribbean Sea
  • In-House freshly ground flour pressed Italian style pastas
  • Greek Salads

Comfort Foods


The food we know and love to enjoy:
  • Premium Steaks, cooked the way you like
  • Personal Pizzas
  • Burgers & Fries
  • Pork chops
  • Grilled Fish Fillets
  • Chicken & Fish Nuggets
  • Buffalo Wings
  • or even Mac & Cheese for the kids!

All our accommodations have a/c, private bath, wifi.

Each is tastefully decorated with local decor.