Nature's Kitchen Whole foods Restaurant

Respecting everyone and their food choices

International Cuisine

Nature's Kitchen Restaurant serves the foods you are used to.  Enjoy farm fresh whole food ingredients:

  • Cuisines that are Asian, Italian, Latin, Lebanese, Tex-Mex, and more
  • Great steaks and meats that are GMO and antibiotic free
  • Homemade pasta, pesto, and sauces
  • All breads made in-house and are fresh ground from organic wheat berries
  • Fabulous Deserts are made by our cooks

Whole Foods Restaurant

Good health requires the food and drinks to be pure, whole and natural. We strive to fulfill this goal
  • Pesticide free produce¬†
  • Fish from the Reef and Caribbean Sea
  • We make health foods and serve our own yogurt, granola, sauerkraut, sprouts, fruit leathers and more
  • Healthy Himalayan sea salt
  • Healthy oils including coconut and virgin olive oil
  • Whole grain rice and beans from primarily glyphosate free sources
  • Homemade breads from freshly ground organic flour
  • Fruit smoothies and Green drinks
  • Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and other special diets provided for

Local Belizean Foods

We focus on you experiencing local cuisine by featuring it on the menu and conducting food demonstrations:

  • Saturday we honor the Mestizo Culture with a corn festival
  • Sunday features the Garifuna Culture by serving Hudut with Sere plus a cultural presentation with drums and a dance demonstration*
  • Monday we serve Taco with Pibil (slow cook in firepit) turkey and pork
  • Tuesday is for Ubel Fish that is steamed inside herbs from the jungle
  • Local foods on the daily menu
  • Belizean cultural cooking classes are available

Special Diets

Nature's Kitchen Whole Food Restaurant specializes in serving people who have chosen special diets:

  • Vegetarians enjoy a wide variety of meals prepared from whole Foods
  • Vegans can enjoy such local treats as Calilu and Chaya greens, a wide variety of salads, humus served on organic bread and more.
  • Living Foods and Raw diets are provide with home grown sprouts, nut spreads and pestos, spirolized zucchini spaghetti and portobello mushrooms
  • Gluten Free* bread is made by us.¬† It supplemented with pure corn tortillas, and casava bread
  • Religion inspired diets are respected with integrity
  • Yes you can travel with special diets!