At the Maya Mountain Wellness Center people can choose between 2 types of packages:

Our Foundational Package:
The Maya Mountain Wellness Center provides a choice from among several well proven and tested Wellness packages. These packages provide the structure to actually make a lot of progress towards your health and lifestyle change goals.  They actually include everything you need after arriving at the international airport and until you return.  They are designed to provide the foundation and beginnings of your program.  It is recommended to follow this with a customized program.

Your Customized Package:
This package is custom designed by you with the assistance of our health coach to fit what you need.  It usually is proceeded by one of our Foundational Packages but can be organized from the beginning just for you.  We have many services and human resources which we can introduce to you.  These include but are not limited to chiropractors, naturopathic therapist, colonic therapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, herbalist, and more.

Visiting Groups bring their own Program: We welcome groups to simply use our venue and facilities while doing their own program.